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Transform Your Exhibiting Journey

We are thrilled that you have joined the ASD Market Week community, and we want to provide essential resources, tips, and best practices that will optimize your exhibiting experience and make a lasting impression on our buyers.

Attract New Buyers

We want to provide additional opportunities to highlight your company to thousands of ASD buyers. So we have put together a list of items that we highly recommend you take advantage of:

Build Your Profile

Update your exhibitor profile in the Exhibitor Dashboard, so thousands of buyers can find you easily.

Share Your Products

Want to get your products in front of buyers for free? Share what you will be bringing to ASD!

Invite Your Buyers

Let your buyers know that you will be at ASD! We have created easy-to-use graphics that you can easily use.

On-Demand Webinars

March 2024 Open House Q&A Session

View previous webinars hosted by ASD. Our Open House Q&A Session, originally from January 2024, is now available for on-demand viewing.

Meet the team and listen in as we take questions from exhibitors as they start to prepare for the March 2024 show.

Demystifying Show Services with Freeman

Catch up on the latest webinar hosted by ASD. Our Show Services webinar, originally from February 2024, is now available for on-demand viewing.

We cover topics including logistics, booth set-up, on-site services, and more.

ASD Market Week: Know Before You Go

Catch up on the latest, view the recording of the ASD Market Week What to Expect Webinar.  

We’ll cover the latest logistics insights, essential best practices, free opportunities available to all exhibitors, and more!

Welcome New Exhibitors!

As a new exhibitor to ASD Market Week, we are also including the following to elevate your first- time experience:

  • ‘NEW’ floor sticker onsite at your booth
  • Inclusion on the printed Show Directory as a dedicated page highlighting ‘NEW’
  • ‘NEW’ badge icon in the online Vendor Directory & printed Show Directory
  • Opportunity to share your story with ASD buyers – we will feature you in emails and social
  • Access to our Q&A Quarterly & What to Expect Exhibitor Webinar
  • Opportunity to be highlighted in Product Spotlight (Vendor Preview & Product Showcase)

Onboarding Videos & Tips

Good Reads

Below is a list of good reads we encourage you and your team to indulge in:

Customer Success Managers

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Anne Gvildys

Anne Gvildys

Sr. Customer Success Manager, Exhibitor

Cathi O’Brien

Customer Success Manager, Exhibitor

Denise Carroll

Customer Success Manager, Exhibitor

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